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Evosolve is a global consulting firm specializing in turnkey business solutions
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About Evosolve

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Evosolve is a solutions-driven consulting firm offering businesses dynamic operational services designed to save you valuable time and resources. With an emphasis on turnkey business solutions, Evosolve is your one-stop consulting partner for cutting-edge improvements in business efficiency and processes.

The Evosolve Mission

To empower our clients to meet their business objectives in a smooth and effective manner. We foster and maintain solid relationships with each and every business we serve by providing turnkey processes and solutions at affordable prices.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Dedicated

Be Dedicated

Everyday consistency is key. Evosolve is dedicated to each and every project – down to the very last detail.

It is this tenacity and attention to detail on each and every job that defines our success

Be Dependable

Be Dependable

Being dependable is a root principle. Evosolve meets all its obligations punctually, honestly and honourably.

Being dependable and committed to you and your business success is at the core of our existence

Give and You Shall

Give and You Shall Receive

Going above and beyond is fundamental. Evosolve firmly believes in this philosophy and that our efforts for the greater good pays dividends.

Giving our all to you and your needs is paramount to our success and yours

Services We Provide

Evosolve’s highly skilled team assures top-quality deliverables for every aspect of your project. Our primary objective is to develop a long-term relationship with you and to provide valuable solutions to help you scale your business.

Management Consulting

IT Solutions


Project Management



To remain competitive, your business must rapidly deploy new and incremental operational processes.

Efficiency is key to supporting ever-evolving business needs. In today’s market, companies need improved agility, performance and reliability in their business process and operations. All the while addressing the ever-present pressure to reduce costs.

Unlike traditional business process optimization, Evosolve brings 15 years of advanced process-control knowledge and a full bouquet of turn-key business solutions to the table. We are your business consultancy partner and we are fully focused on improving your current business processes to improve your overall offering, and performance.


IT Solutions

Evosolve can assist you with all your IT requirements.

Our philosophy of hand-picking experts from their field, ensures that your tasks are delivered timeously according to specification. This reduces wasteful expense, which provides a great balance between cost and quality.

Each and every project is professionally managed and tested, to ensure effective delivery and great feedback. We aim to build not only a product, but a long-lasting relationship with you.

Innovation and Invention are our core philosophies. With the integration of IT solutions into the overall Evosolve offering, we are looking forward to making your next Idea come to life.



Business procurements can be a complex and lengthy process. Some companies employ a Chief Procurement Officer to identify and evaluate company needs and to acquire resources the company uses to facilitate its operations.

But not every company is in the position to take on a CPO. That’s where Evosolve plays a critical role for its clients. Evosolve seamlessly handles importing, exporting, customs, factory audits, product acquisitions, supply chain management, cost analysis and virtually everything related to business procurement requirements. If you need it, we will get it for you.


Project Management

Evosolve brings a wealth of project and business management solutions to the table.

At the core of our project management offerings is improved efficiency and processes for your business. We take a customer-centric and business-focused approach to project management, aligning all your business objectives from the initial strategy to the implementation and roll-out of the project to fully-functioning operations.

Additional Services

Evosolve is truly a market expert. With our multi-skilled team and in house management, we are able to offer you and your business a whole host of additional services that help to bring your ideas to life.

Operational Process Mapping

Global Staff Sourcing

Software Development



Idea Funding

Accounting Services

European Representation Services

Innovation HUB

Our Management


Johan is the president and CEO of Evosolve. Johan is a strategist, visionary and entrepreneur who has spent more than 17 years in the corporate world developing an unparalleled expertise in business management and streamlining complex processes by implementing cutting edge solutions.

His attention to detail and commitment to his Customers is making Evosolve the Prime and Choice Consulting firm in Europe.

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